Decorative Gardening Pail

The pail has measuring lines inside, one quart increments. Also has a pour spout, carrying handle and a tipping handle on the back rim of the pail. Pail has many used, from household to outdoor use.

Size: 9 quart, 2.25 gal
Item#: TT-31
Terms: Net 30
Packaging: 960/Pallet, 16/Stacks of 60/pails on a pallet.
Small orders can ship UPS, 20 per case.
Country of Origin: USA

Order a case and see for yourself. If sales do not meet your expectations, send the remaining product back and we will refund you the difference. You have nothing to lose, only profits to gain.

Please call or email for retail orders. Phone 218-778-6249 - Fax 218-778-6212

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