Garden Step Stake


Add one extension tube to the GARDEN STEP STAKE and push the stake firmly into the ground next to the plant. Pour about 2 cups of water into the stake, pull the stake back up 1 inch and push the stake back down. This will flush the soil out of the four drainage holes. Watering the plant through the tube will water directly to the plants root system.

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A GARDEN STEP STAKE set contains:
One GARDEN STEP STAKE and two 16-inch extension tubes

1 set: $7.50 plus $12.50 shipping
2 sets: $15.00 plus $12.50 shipping
5 sets: $45.00 shipping included (best deal)
Extra extensions tubes: $2.50 each plus the increase in shipping

Country of Origin: USA

22" x 28" Poster Available
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Download Display Poster. Click Here.

Each Piece Approximately 16.5 inches

Please call or email for retail orders. Phone 218-778-6249 - Fax 218-778-6212

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